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Warning for below mentioned fraud traders, who give a bad reputation to our business:


Printing Machinery

14 Place de Terrases de l’Agora
91000 Evry
France / la France
Phone: +33 659160361

Contactperson: Mr. Olivier Mecz

We bought an ECRM Mako 4 and Mako 2 imagesetter in October 2015, that was available immediately. It took mr. Mecz over 6 weeks to bring the machinery to his warehouse and due to the delays from his side we were urged to pick up the shipment from south of Paris ourselves. According to his stories all was complete and checked by him. He had seen all working and according to his information, we could load the imagesetters without doubt to our waiting containers. We were lucky that we had to reload the machines, because the packaging was so poor, that we re-did it ourselves properly and professional. Then we noticed that the computer for the RIP was missing. We immediately called him and after 3 weeks of arguing we received a completely damaged computer. We informed him about this matter and finally he agreed, that we should re-install the software on another computer and send him the invoice for the costs. We did and then we wanted to install and check the machine and noticed that the complete power-supply of the machine was burned. We notified him again and asked him how he could have checked the machine when the computer with RIP was missing and the powersupply was gone. Up to now we only received lies and stories. He certainly did not compensate or paid the invoice for the newly installed pc and he blames us, that we should have checked earlier.
Take care of doing business with this man and his company. He has no knowledge of any graphic machinery and promises a lot, but takes no responsibility at all.


Bashland International Ltd.
23 Bailey Street
Onipanu Shomolu
Lagos - Nigeria
Phone: +234 8081439299

Contactperson: Mr. Kehinde Babayemi

Situation: Mr. Babayemi has bought in September 2010 an Heidelberg MO-V from us that we specially have sought for him on his request, found it in England, cleaned it and loaded it into a container with our team. Agreed upon was that the last euro 13.500 would be paid by showing the B/L. After arriving of the container, he asked us if it would be possible to pay the remaining balance in 3 parts within 6 months. He did 2 small payments and after that we received only excuses for not having the money (bad economy, hospital, illness, travelling abroad etc. etc.). At this moment (September 2015) we do not receive any more information from him. He used to be active on Facebook but when we found him, he stopped his account. Also he stopped his website when he found out that we know where he is (right now it is in the air again with a 'new owner', mr. Sayo - Email: This persons insist that he never has known about this matter). We have informed the Nigerian police and asked them to take care that it is no longer possible for mr. Babayemi to visit the EU and USA (but you know the Nigerian police: they are as corrupt as the management of Bashland). Beware of this fraud.


Katende Graphics Uganda
Plot 24A Nasser Road
Kampala- 400 063

Contactperson: mr. Morris

Situation: mr. Morris asked for several pro-forma invoices in 2012 and after doing this, he suddenly offers to pay with a cheque. Do not do business with this kind of fraud companies and persons. It is all fake and all they do is trying to get your machinery with fake cheques. Banks will never accept these cheques.


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